Paris panoramas, technical informations
I hope the information of this section will allow you to start creating panoramic images and spherical Quicktime VRs of your own. Or maybe better understand the processes involved. If you want to add or correct something, or just submit a question, use the contact form.

A smaller hole on the nadir = less work in Photoshop

With a 10.5mm Nikon lens, the size of the "hole" on the nadir, when creating a Quicktime VR, can be significantly reduce, and then reducing the amount of work in Photoshop. To do this, you simply need to tilt your camera when shooting the last 6 shots row until you can see the panoramic head in the lower part of the photo (-10°, -15°...). The size of the circle to edit will then depend on the size of the panoramic head used.

Quicktime VR
There is almost no quality difference in the overlapping area with the zenith if you shot your pictures with a closed enough aperture, choose FINE or RAW as your saving parameters and with an angle allowing a good overlap.The following details are from a 'normal' render (0°) and a render with tilted images (-15°) of 10.000x5.000 pixels/Smartblend.

panorama Eiffel tower details

Eiffel tower détail 1 Eiffel tower détail 2
zoom (0°) - zoom (-15°) zoom (0°) - zoom (-15°)

Quicktime VR
The current available softwares (Stitcher, PTGui) allow to align a panorama with a single click.

Align the horizontal

Quicktime VR
Exemple and images
You can find here the final fullscreen Quicktime VR file and all the composing images
- Download the ZIP file 6+1+1/-15° (21 MB)
Note: The nodal point of my images is not really... not at all perfect :-)
Quicktime VR Softwares
The stitching can be done with Stitcher Unlimited (, PTGUI 5.x (, etcYou can see here the four steps to create this panorama with Stitcher : from the loading of the 'fisheye' images, the automatic stitching and aligment, to the final render of the panorama (using smart blending option)

Stitcher Unlimited 1 Stitcher Unlimited 2 Stitcher Unlimited 3
[1] Loading fiseye images [2] Automatic stitching [3] Aligment
Stitcher Unlimited 4 Stitcher Unlimited 5 Stitcher Unlimited 6
[4] Result [5] Rendering parameters [6] Final render

Quicktime VR
Nadir Patching
The correction of the nadir can be done easier and quicker now. It's possible, if it doesn't have a lot of details, to use only the "patch" tool without using the 8th photo (often taken handheld). For more information, watch the video about the realisation of a Quicktime VR : Open the video in a new window - Dowload the video (ZIP 32 MB)

Quicktime VR
Hardware / Pano head
For all these tests, I used a Nodal Ninja 3 ( panoramic head because it has a very small base. (Thanks to Bill Bailey for his help)

Panoramic haed Nodal Ninja 3 Panoramic head Nodal Ninja 3 Panoramic head Nodal Ninja 3
Nodal Ninja 3 Horizontale screw Nodal Ninja 3 + Nikon camera

• Not expensive $2xx
• Light, small, compact & easily transportable
• Very small 'click stop' base: 5 cm (see above)
• Does not support Nikon D2X, Canon Mark II, DS, 1Ds, or similar sized larger DSLR’s

[EDIT] Check the Nodal Ninja for the new pano head :    Digg Digg    reddit reddit    Facebook Facebook    StumbleUpon StumbleUpon    Newsvine Newsvine

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The pyramid of the Louvre museum: Leoh Ming Pei, architect. "La Geode": Adrien Fainsilber, architect.
The "Grande Arche": Otto van Spreckelsen, architect. Bibliotheque Nationale de France: Dominique Perrault, architect.
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