About Eric Rougier

About Eric Rougier

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Paris Parisian of adoption since 1989, I have always hesitated from my student years between an artistic craft and a technical profession (in the IT sector, for example).

Paris After working several years as a photographer in Paris, I have been able, fortunately and luckily, to combine both fields by entering a few prestigious press agencies (e.g. Sipa Press, etc.) as well as big groups like Burda (Focus, Bunte,..) and renowned companies as Hachette Filipacchi while focusing my interest for digital photography. From that time on, I have progressively orientated my career on designing images databases, as well as administering networks and the systems around them - until 2002 for a french communication group.

Paris Shooting the wonderful sights and lights of Paris has always been my passion. I hope these pictures and this website will help me share it with you.

Paris This site would never have been as successful without the help and precious advices, at every level, from : Odette, Yves, Yann, Juliette, Muriel, Mete, Frédéric, Cécile and Stéphanie.

Paris A special thanks to Cécile Brand for her regular help on the site's translation and correction.

You can contact me using the "Contact form" at the bottom of each pages.

Copyrights and Uses

Paris All photographs are copyright "Eric Rougier / FromParis.com".

Paris You can use my work for a private use witout authorization. As you need.

Paris You must have my written authorization to use then for a commercial use. ex : web, exhibition, print, newspaper...etc

Paris Many, many things on these pictures are copyrighted by their authors or their owners. ex : Lighting of the Eiffel Tower is copyright "Société Nouvelle d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel".

Paris You must also have authors, compagnies or owners authorization to use then. ex : The pyramid of the Louvre museum : Leoh Ming Pei, architect...It's not my job, it's yours.

Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

Paris Camera : Canon Eos D30, Canon Eos 1DS, Nikon D70, Nikon D100, Nikon D700, Lumix LX3

Paris Lens : 20-35mm Canon, 15mm Sigma, 50mm Canon, Nikon 10.5mm

Paris Head : Manfrotto 303 plus and 303 SPH, Nodal Ninja, 360Precision Absolute and Adjuste

Paris Handheld shots : With my hands

Paris Softwares : Realviz Stitcher, Panotools, Ptmac, Ptgui, Panopro, Photoshop, CubicConverter, CubicConnector, Pano Flash player...

Paris Website scripts and website management : my owns scripts, from scratch. it's not perfect, but but it's working. And now some Open Sources scripts and a CMS. It's more easy and now I have more time to walk in Paris.

Paris Is it my job ? : Yes it was my job, but not now, just a hobby like many many "photographes amateurs" in the world. Read the "About" section for more infos.

Paris Why your pictures are free ? : Why not ? I have a family, a job, a house, a motorbike It's ok for me. It's my pleasure. For more informations, read the "copyrights and uses" section.

Paris Are you selling prints or this kind of thing ? : No, sorry. But you can do it yourself if you have a printer.

Paris Why only Paris ? : Because I'm living here, it's my city and I like to share my pleasure and what I see with others.


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All photographs are copyright "Eric Rougier / FromParis.com". Please, do not to use without written authorization.
The pyramid of the Louvre museum: Leoh Ming Pei, architect. "La Geode": Adrien Fainsilber, architect.
The "Grande Arche": Otto van Spreckelsen, architect. Bibliotheque Nationale de France: Dominique Perrault, architect.
Lighting of the Eiffel Tower is copyright "Societe Nouvelle d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel".
Some history texts are licensed to the public under the Creative License and, or wikipedia sources
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